I approach performance as a way to connect with you, my audience.  

After 20 years, I continue to be amazed by the ancient origins, beautiful music and positive aura of belly dancing. It's an empowering activity, an inspiring outlet for self-expression and a tremendous way to stay fit.

Since 2000, I have danced for audiences throughout St. Louis, performing at cultural and art festivals, university programs, charity events, local restaurants and clubs, and private celebrations of all kinds. I have been a regular dancer at Baida Moroccan Restaurant, Nara Café and Hookah Bar on Washington Avenue, Aya Sofia, Cafe Natasha, Ya Hala Restaurant and Hookah Lounge, Double Apple Cafe and Hookah Lounge and more.

From my first class at age 20, I was captivated by its spirit. Women of all ages easily become friends in an atmosphere of acceptance and sisterhood.

When I teach, I strive to foster this spirit with my own students. My classes are filled with laughter and stories and I receive endless satisfaction from teaching women to move their bodies in a most natural fashion, empowering them to let go of insecurities and just experience the community and joy surrounding this dance.

Belly dancing often brings with it misconceptions unlike any other form of dance. I welcome them every time because I know the joy and participatory environment I create has made a difference to so many. That spirit is what attracted me to the dance from the very beginning.