St. Louis Riverfront Times "100 STL People We'd Like to Party With" - April, 2012

Sumaiya is a great performer - our guests loved her!  She is very professional and a top-notch dancer.  We will definitely have her again and would recommend her to anyone.  - Arif Dagin, LaBinnah Bistro, Hannibal, MO

It was such a joy to see Sumaiya perform at our event.  Everybody loved the performance.  She was perfect, and we will definitely include her in future events.
- Hossein Shahpari, Friends of Persia

When Sumaiya hits the stage, every eye is upon her. As the beat of the music pulses, her gentle but brilliant dancing borrows from and yet reinvents this ancient art form, completely captivating our audiences!  Your eyes never want to leave, but as SHE does, your are paused by her absence, and then, you remember... and you applaud.  - Jim Callahan, The Jumpin Jupiter

Our previous company holiday parties, while well done, had become predictable. This year's goal: take it up a notch and make things memorable. After a lengthy, year-end speech and resulting lull in the festivities, on came Sumaiya. The once sleepy crowd was now engaged and riveted to her elegance, charm and authenticity. It was unique, interactive and a wonderful turning point for our party. She'll do the same for you... Thank you, Sumaiya! - Aaron Black, Minister of Fun, Foundry Software

I would highly recommend Sumaiya for any business or personal party.  She is a true professional, great dancer and a stunningly beautiful woman.  She also has a great personality.  All of the men and women at our office party thought she was fantastic.  She would be a sure hit for your next event! - Jim McLaughlin

Sumaiya is an absolute crowd pleaser, and a favorite at our events! A top notch dancer that is both professional and pleasant to work with. - Dallas Moses, Koken Art Gallery

Sumaiya was a joy. During the planning for our event, she was very professional, organized and accommodating. During the performance, she was loads of fun and wonderfully interactive. She is a treasure and I'd recommend her to anyone. - Chris

Ladies Night

All the girls had a great time!  Sumaiya's laid back personality did well to put everyone at ease and the dance was demonstrated in an easy-to-follow fashion, perfect for a room full of beginners! - Amy

I loved it! I'm not the most comfortable public dancer, but Sumaiya was not intimidating and very encouraging.  Best of all were the fun, jingly, glittery scarves for us all. - Emma


I took a six week beginning belly dance class with Sumaiya and it was a blast! Belly dancing makes you feel very feminine and empowered and is a great way to exercise. Sumaiya is a great teacher and makes learning fun and easy for everyone. She makes everyone feel comfortable, making adjustments for the skill level of the class and keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable. I can't wait to start part two of the class! - Sara H.

She really works with what you can and cannot do. I took one dance lesson when I was five, so being able to work with someone and being able to understand what they are getting across is a big thing.  She's fun, too! - Janet

I LOVE this class.  We laugh a lot and have so much fun. But Sumaiya also gives us a really good workout. I was surprised at the amount of toning! You would expect the stomach to tone, which it really does, but also the arms, upper body, legs and rear. - Carol

Belly dancing is therapeutic, feminine, mystic and just plain ol' fun!  Belly dancing adds enthusiasm and joy into your life, and I am grateful to Sumaiya for creating a beautiful atmosphere in which to learn this time-honored art. Her knowledge and skill are a blessing. - Amy

I am really enjoying learning this dance made for the female body, while bonding (and laughing) with other women. It's challenging and relaxing. - April

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